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"Spring Hath Sprung"

Who's all ready for some warmer weather and baseball? I know I am! Spring is rapidly approaching and I personally cannot wait any longer to start thawing out. The first day of Spring (Spring Equinox) lands on March 20th and marks a season celebrated by outdoor activities, art, and much much more. Throughout the entire world some form of the Spring solstice is celebrated as a symbol of rebirth and fertility as the world exits its hibernation stage and as the flora and fauna begin to grow once again. Below I have added a few outings to enjoy as we exit Winter in Metro-Atlanta.

Fun fact: One of my personal favorite celebrations of Spring is the 'burning of the socks' which is observed by sailors, especially in the Northeast region of the US. Throughout the harsh winters sailors responsibly wear socks during their outings due to the colder weather. When Spring hits, the weather warms up and the sailors no longer need to keep their feet warm while on deck, thus leading to burning the unwanted, well worn (I assume), socks of last season. Not only does this symbolize warm weather, but it means that boating season has officially arrived.

Baseball is Back!

Where: Truist Park

When: April 7th (Opening Day)

Cost: $30.00+

Details: Time to defrost Atlanta because our World Champs will be back in action with their home opener on April 7th against the Cincinnati Reds. If you can't get ahold of these hot tickets, you can always hop around the Battery enjoying the food and bar scene while in the heart of the action!

Orchid Daze

Where: Atlanta Botanical Gardens

When: Feb,12 to April,10

Cost: $22.95 for adults, $19.95 for children (3-12) Free for children under 3

Details: This breathtaking exhibit is a hybrid of natural beauty, intertwined with sculptures by Kristine Mays. Her work consists of wire 3-D figures some of which took up to 100 hours to create! This exhibit is not to be missed by art and flower lovers alike and takes place in two separate climate controlled green houses. The Atlanta Botanical Gardens boasts one of the largest public orchid collections in the world!

Enjoy a Shakespearean Play

Where: Atlanta Shakespeare Company in Midtown

When: March 12 to April 3

Cost: $15-$20 ticket, Food and Drink extra

Details: Spend a night at the Theatre enjoying 'Much Ado About Nothing' - a thespian classic. Tickets range from $15 to $20 depending on where you sit and drinks and dinner are optional but are highly recommended to complete the atmosphere of authentic Elizabethan Era entertainment.

Take a Hike Through Sweetwater Creek State Park

Where: Sweetwater Creek State Park

When: Hours are 7a.m. to Dark daily

Cost: Parking is $5.00

Inhale the crisp Spring air while hiking through Sweetwater Creek State Park. The park includes trails that vary in distance/difficulty depending on each hiker's ability. Beautiful views of the creek and the ruins of an old textile mill compliment this serene wooded trail. Weekends can get busy so make sure to arrive early to beat the crowds.

We are all excited to welcome Spring and all the opportunities it has to offer, whether it be enjoying the outdoors or attending an entertaining event, there are endless ways to celebrate the season of rebirth and growth in the Atlanta area. As always stay safe and prepare accordingly for allergy season!

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