John Ehlinger

Lead Agent

Our Leading Man

John has been working in the real estate industry since he was 18 years old. Upon moving out of his parent's house, he bought his first home and rented it out to his college friends. He's now ranked #2 realtor in the Southeast US and has sold over 400 million. He's got the experience, expertise, and charisma to lead a great team of agents that are sure to make your real estate experience a great one!

Our Behind The Scenes Guru

Nancy and John cemented their 25-year co-working relationship after a single lunch date and a handshake. Never once have they signed a contract and its been a beautiful successful working relationship ever since. Nancy is John's right-hand woman and always jumps in whenever needed. She's fully licensed and works in every aspect of the business. We couldn't do life without her! 

Nancy Jones


Exterior Design

Rachel Ehlinger


Our Pizzazz Expert

Rachel has been breathing real estate since she came out of the womb. Following in her father's footsteps, she has recently joined the Ehlinger Team to bring a bit of pizzazz (and marketing expertise) to the team. She's been working with her father since before she can remember. Whether it be tagging along to showings, talking with clients, or working in the office, Rachel was born to join The Ehlinger Team.